Tom Laffay is a hybrid visual journalist and artist, working comprehensively in documentary film, photojournalism and multimedia. He focuses his work on human rights, public health and conflict and specializes in working on long term investigations with organizations. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio USA, he lived and worked with Latino migrant populations in the Southern US before moving to Latin America in 2011.

Since 2011, he has documented the Chronic Kidney Disease epidemic affecting agricultural workers in Latin America and South Asia and is a member of La Isla Network, a public health and policy organization dedicated to investigating and mitigating the disease. Recently he became a recipient of a National Geographic Explorer Award to investigate and document the CKDu epidemic in Peru.

Tom regularly produces documentary films for New Media Advocacy Project on issues around the world and contributes to human rights investigations with Amnesty International. Currently he is working on the long term project DEFENDER, documenting environmental and human rights defenders under threat for their work in Colombia in collaboration with CAJAR, a Colombian human rights legal collective.

His work has also appeared in The Guardian, The Atlantic, Science Magazine, Al Jazeera and has had exhibitions at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, the Bronx Documentary Center and the Centro Cultural Casa Bolivar in Bogotá, Colombia. He also contributes to Colombian national newspaper El Espectador.

Tom is currently based in Bogota, Colombia and available for assignments in the Americas and just about anywhere else.


Contact: tplaffay@gmail.com




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