"Ahi vamos."


La lucha, "the struggle,” the day to day, the back and forth, hauling water, carrying firewood, on patrol, a head nod in the middle of a determined stride, not stopping, never stopping. It makes us human. Wash your windshield for a nickel, sell a hat for two dollars, sells her body for enough to feed her children. A handmade sling shot makes him a hero. A smile makes him a friend. These moments are the in between, on the road, in and out. They are the reminders of what we’re made of and how far we have to go. They’re reminders of the inequality, in general, and of the capacity to enjoy and find peace in our daily lives at the same time. I find these moments everywhere I go and feel compelled to share them as they’ve shaped my life. At an incredible point technologically in our history, we have the power to share stories and connect with one another, anywhere, any time. Are we growing closer or further apart?

Images from Tom Laffay's Instagram account @tlaffay


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